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Piercing My Hairdresser

We just had a good, easy rapport and she was easy on the eyes. Her name was Lauren and she had two kids and a boyfriend who wasn't their father. She was a little thicker for having the kids but she also had a decent pair on her chest.

We got along well enough that my welcome appointments became every few weeks and the other stylists started joking about our "relationship" and me being her boyfriend. Especially Jen, her friend with pink hair and piercings who worked there. Jen was a little more fit, but she didn't have Lauren's titties. She was pale with freckles while Lauren was a little more tanned.

They were the only two working when I went in to get my hair cut. They were more giggly than usual so I guessed they must have been talking about me before I came in.

When I sat in the chair, Jen was managing two middle aged women for a dye job and shampoo. By the time my haircut was over, Jen was only finishing the second lady and she now had a third appointment waiting.

They just kept giving each other glances and giggling. Then, when Lauren finished, she stood behind me, looking at me in the mirror at her station and said, "We both know you're not coming here for the haircuts. I mean, I can keep cutting your hair, but for a hundred dollars more I could do a real job on you... if that's the sort of thing you're interested in."

She hadn't said it loudly so that we wouldn't be heard by the other customers, but Jen managed to stick her head around the corner and giggled, "Hey Lauren, if you need to use the back, it's available..."

"What do you think?" If she was nervous you couldn't tell. She squinted a cute, smart look directly at me and pushed bottom lip forward slightly with her tongue.

"Yeah, let's do it." I wanted a piece of her.

She led me to the back of the shop where they had sinks and reclining chairs for washing hair and a station for nails and their esthetician as well as ear piercing. Once in the back, she drew the curtain closed.

She stuck outa hip and said, "We just have to keep this... professional. Okay?"

I said, "of course."

Scrutinizing me mockingly she said, "So I guess you want to see my tits now?"

I nodded.

She pulled her shirt over her head and glanced at the curtain that separated us from the other customers before unfastening her bra behind her back a letting it drop to the floor. Her tits were pretty fucking nice, each one larger than a handful with pale puffy nipples capping them. She sat me at a washing station and leaned over me to turn on the water to help provide background noise. Her titties brushed the side of my face. They were soft.

Now lean back and relax.

She unfastened my pants and quickly got out my stiffening prick with her hands. I don't know if she offered this service to any of her other customers, but she wasn't unskilled. Her hands ran the length of me, gripping the base and pulling upwards with a twist. Her boyfriend was a lucky guy.

"Isn't this better than asking about my kids and my boyfriend?" I smiled while she stopped for a minute to add a drop of hand lotion which she rubbed onto her hanging tits leaving them glistening before going back to work on me. She smiled as she brought me closer to the edge while for my part I tried not to make any sound that would get us caught and stared at her teardrop shaped breasts...

I tensed and came in several large spurts that landed my stomach, her arm and ran down onto her hand. She bit her lip, satisfied with her achievement before turning to wash her hands in the running water and giving me a moments rest.

She started to get dressed.

"Wait, what would I get for two hundred more?" I said, not wanting her to cover those beauties up yet.

Incredulous, she asked, "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, just stop putting on your clothes." I said.

Dropping her shirt to the floor again, she said flirtatiously, "Okay, well why don't you show me what you think two hundred dollars should buy you."

I started pulling off her pants and she tried not to laugh. Bending her over the esthetician's table, running my fingers over her slippery mound, I pushed the head of my cock against her moist lips while she tried to control her breathing.

The running water helped to disguise what we were doing, but it wouldn't cover up moans or slapping skin so I tried to fuck her as quietly as possible.

She was biting her lip and dropping her jaw. I could hear the cash register chime and the door lock as the last customer left for the night.

"Jen! Come on back here! I know you're just listening to us." I got a wicked idea and said, "You do the piercing here, don't you?"

Her eyes were huge as saucers and her mouth hung open in an incredulous smile as she came into the back, watching me take long steady strokes into her friend who was defiling their work area.


"Did you do all your own piercings?" I asked.

"Not all of them." She never took her eyes off her friend just bent over like it was business as usual.

"How much is a nipple piercing?" I was enjoying embarrassing her.

"$90" came the reply.

"Okay. Did you pierce your own nipples?" I hoped. I always loved pierced nipples on girls.

She had tats down both arms and behind her ear and along her collar bone, her hair was pink and she already had her lips, tongue, eyebrow, nose and ears pierced, so it was a safe bet that she had other piercings I couldn't see.

"Yes." She blushed.

"Can I see them?" I was forward.

"Okay..." She lifted her shirt to show me her pierced pink nipples.

"Those look great!" I felt myself get a little harder inside Lauren's pussy as I saw them.

"Thanks." she said almost giggling at the ridiculous situation.

"Really nice! Right Lauren? Do you like them?" I gave her a few extra deep thrusts to get her attention.

She grunted a yes in reply.

"Great! Then it's settled!" I exclaimed.

I turned back to Jen and prompted her to just remove her shirt if she would.

"I would like to buy Lauren's boyfriend a gift in appreciation for having such a fucking sexy girlfriend. Something he'll enjoy. Pierce her nipples, both of them. I'm paying." I said matter of factly.

Jen looked at Lauren for approval. All Lauren said was, "Fuck. Really? Okay."

I could tell that Jen was at least a little turned on doing this. She got her stuff picked out and sat at her station

"You can't move so much! You guys." She said giggling.

I slowed down and fucked her long and deep but dug my fingers into her hip fat to steady her.

One by one, Jen pushed needles through Lauren's puffy nipples and then pushed gold hoops through each one.

Lauren moaned as I fucked her and let out a sharp little chirp when the needle went through her and hyperventilated until the gold hoop was in. She was enjoying herself. Holding her still like this only served to heighten the only two sensations she was getting. The penetration through her sore nipples and the cock penetrating her from behind. She was dripping wet.

I grabbed her waist and twisted her so that one leg was over my shoulder and her stomach was facing Jen. I gave her a few good thrusts to make her sore teets bounce back and forth before clamping down on those hips again.

"Now pierce her belly button." I ordered.

Jen groaned in disbelief, "Oh my god!"

Jen was swift and without delay she pushed her needle through Lauren's flesh again. Causing Lauren to hyperventilate again.

I was on a roll, "Now do her nose."

"What?" Even Jen wasn't sure how far we would go.

"Do it." I ordered again, "A big gold hoop."

I started fucking her hard again and gently slapped her nipples playfully.

She groaned in ecstasy from the pain and the pleasure.

Lauren was ecstatic and euphoric and had never felt so overwhelmed and consented by gasping"...okay. Fuck. Do it."

Jen got in real close to Lauren's face and gave her a little kiss on the lips.

She looked up at me, "Nostril or septum?"

"Septum." I confirmed.

Her hyper breathing was intense now through the big gold nose ring.

"Now do the lower lip, center."

Jen didn't even pause this time, she didn't ask permission and Lauren was too close to release now, she didn't do anything to stop us.

Lauren was moaning loudly now. I knew she was finally going to cum and I knew just what to do to push her over the edge.

"One more I think... The tongue. You need a barbell on that tornado tongue of yours." I gave her beautiful tits a squeeze playfully, sending shivers through her.

In protest, Lauren let out a guttural cry but in obedience she dropped her jaw and stuck out her tongue.

Jen put a clamp on Lauren's tongue and brought the needle down in front of Lauren's face. She started to hyperventilate awkwardly around the clamp and I started to fuck her as fast and hard as I could given the circumstances.

I timed myself to finish inside Lauren just after the needle went in. I knew she was on the edge and this would push her over.

The needle pushed hard through her tongue and I felt Lauren's legs start to shake and quiver. In that moment with the needle stuck through her clamped tongue, she started her orgasm on my cock.

Her whole ass was shaking now and she was still trying to hold her head still. The waves of intense pleasure rolled through her body, making her twist every available muscle that she was allowed to move. I reached around and gently flicked her tender nipples before squeezing her tits roughly.

Even after Jen had screwed the ball bearing onto the barbell, she held onto the clamp and tugged playfully at it all through Lauren's great orgasm. And that is what I was watching when I came deep inside my stylist's juicy pussy.

Jen didn't let go of Lauren's tongue until she had come down from her powerful orgasm, drool ran out of her mouth. I slipped out of her and she felt my seed slide down her thigh.

"I can't believe you just came in me!" After everything we had just done to her, this was still shocking but she wasn't overly angry as much as astounded.

I very sincerely said, "Yeah thanks for not stopping me. That was awesome!"

She pulled her pants up and glimpsed herself in the mirror.

"I'm not keeping all of these, you know." She wasn't disgusted but was clearly judging her new body jewelry for the first time.

I countered with, "Well I'm only paying for the ones you keep."

"Well..." she thought about it a little longer.

"Keep the nipples, their sexy as hell," Jen said as she put on her shirt.

"...And the tongue", Lauren surprised us by chiming in, "for my boyfriend."

They rang me up, I tipped big and then said, "See you in a few weeks."

Jen smiled wickedly and said, "Come close to closing time again and maybe you can pierce me somewhere."

I said, "Definitely." And left a happy man.